What is the central weakness of monarchy?

Topic: In Gilgamesh and the Hebrew Scriptures, having a king is seen as politically and materially advantageous. However, no political regime is perfect. What is the central weakness of monarchy? Make your argument based on the reigns of Gilgamesh and David.
Note: In this argumentative essay, you must make a clear claim about what the central weakness of monarchy (rule of one, a king) is. A complete thesis will include an explanation of why what you identify is actually a weakness of that type of political organization. Do not base your argument on your own personal opinion of monarchy. Instead, base your argument on what is suggested by the cases of these two kings. This is not a compare and contrast essay of the two kings. The prompt asks you to come up with a unified thesis that synthesizes what you observe in “Gilgamesh” with what you observe in “2 Samuel”. Remember, the analysis of David should focus on his time as king, not before.
Instruction: No title page nor work cited page. Cannot use outside sources (only given texts). Times new roman 12pts as font. The essay should be a minimum of 5 full pages in length (no more than 6)
Please include followings as part of main argument, and discuss them thoroughly:
1. monarchy makes king difficult to stay neutral.
2. monarchy forces political power (e.g. forcing young or immature person as a leader to maintain power distribution structure).
If you don’t think two above doesn’t fit to assessment topic or need more argument to answer prompt within the length requirement, I’ll leave what to write as writer’s option.
Entire plot from “Gilgamesh: Norton Critical Edition (2nd ed), translated by Benjamin Foster (Norton, ISBN 978-0393643985)”
only “2 Samuel” from “New Oxford Annotated Bible (5th ed), New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) (Oxford, ISBN 978-0190276089)”
I made pdf of Samuel, but couldn’t find any electronic version of Gilgamesh. Using another edition of Gilgamesh is fine but please specify which one you used.

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