What is the chosen controversy?

You will then analyze a text assigned on the syllabus that relates to the chosen controversy. The prompt questions for your analysis are: What is the chosen controversy? And what position does the chosen text take in the controversy? And how does it do so? What light does an analysis of this text shed on the nature of the controversy? You might also want to consider the underlying factors of the controversy, which may be related to ecclesiology, theological anthropology, and/or hermeneutics. Also, one paragraph should be dedicated to comparing/contrasting the chosen text with another text from the syllabus, but it doesn’t have to be one related to the same controversy.
Start of paper – go off this :
The Church, which is held to one of the highest standards in the world, is expected to spread faith and compassion to both its followers and the rest of the world. In theory, the church’s mission reflects this, but in practice, the Church has been embroiled in a number of controversies that directly contradict its purpose. One prominent example is the way Christianity was implemented during the New World’s exploration. The colonization of new territories resulted in unjustified brutality toward indigenous peoples in an attempt to convert them to Christianity. The continual attempts to spread “Christendom” were felt heavily all throughout the world through unwarranted violence and exploitation that served to uphold the Christian message.
Pope Alexander VI, Inter Caetera [1493]

Inter Caetera

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