What is the image of and/or what does it represent?

I am adding a sample style, you may try and incorporate that style and materials but please use your language. This piece is just to show you the style of writing. My style as uploaded is different. They want a matter-of-fact style.
colleague’s descriiption. Don’t please copy. Just get an idea of style.
COURSE DESCRIPTION: In this course, students will learn how to develop grounded written responses to visual images. Focusing on images in a writing course may initially seem strange, particularly since many of us have been trained to analyze written texts. Yet we live in what is often called the media age or a visual culture and, as numerous scholars argue, the images we are bombarded with everyday influence how we view and understand ourselves, others, and the social world. In broad terms, the course will address the following critical questions: 1) What is the image of and/or what does it represent? 2) Who created the image, in what medium, when and where, and why? 3) How is the image composed or arranged and why does this matter? 4) How are images received by audiences? Does everyone get the same message(s)? In responding to these questions through class discussions and various assignments, students will hone their critical, analytic, research, and writing skills and, hopefully, begin to see the world in new ways.
The above is a just a sample—My topic is attached

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