What is the most important point about this memory that should be communicated?

The authors of our course textbook, The Composition of Everyday Life, remind us that memories are not just self-evident. Instead, writers who wish to use their own memories and experiences must ask, “What is the most important point about this memory that should be communicated? What might readers learn about themselves from my memory? How can I connect the significance of my memory to the readers’ interests?” (49)
For this activity, you will read a literacy narrative by student author Guadalupe Yanez and explain how Yanez uses memories to communicate the significance of her point about learning to overcome fear.
Read this example narrative from the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives website (https://www.thedaln.org/#/detail/835a97eb-5b3d-4cbd-9d77-9509d2af8a0c (https://daln-prod-sb.s3.amazonaws.com/Posts/3112/Literacy%20Narrative_engl%20105-Final%20Focus.doc)
“TORN BETWEEN TWO WORLDS” by Guadalupe Yanez (DOC file)
After you read, answer the following questions about Yanez’s essay in 1-2 sentences per question.
What is the main idea of Yanez’s essay? What is significant about the experience she recounts?
How does Yanez organize her essay to keep focused on the significance? Do you see any places where she includes details that aren’t important to the main idea of the essay?
Yanez positions her own memories and experiences as insights into larger social issues that affected her an her family. What are some of the social issues (problems; challenges; topics for debate) that emerge in this essay?

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