What larger messages or themes are being presented through the details?

Analysis Essay:
A literary analysis essay develops a claim about a text and does more than summarize. In a summary essay, you inform the reader about what a text says—summing up the main points, events, or ideas. In an analysis essay, however, you must go beyond summary to draw some larger conclusions about the significance of those events. What larger messages or themes are being presented through the details? In analysis, you must make claims of interpretation in your thesis and topic sentences. You then present textual details and analysis of those details in order to support your interpretation. In other words, you will be writing a thesis-driven essay, in which your thesis puts forth a claim about the text, and your analysis serves as a means of supporting that thesis.
In this essay, you will make an analytical claim about how you see Sherman Alexie in “Superman and Me” applying key concepts from the essay “How Kids Learn Resilience.”
An analytical claim is one in which you make analytical observations you have reached in your interpretation of the text. The prompt is certainly open for interpretation; however, keep in mind, not ALL interpretations of a text are correct. You must support yours with evidence from the reading.
Your thesis will need to:
state concrete ways you see Alexie illustrating concepts from Tough’s essay
apply specific concepts and terminology from Tough’s essay
A strong thesis will analyze the application of at least two or three concepts from Tough’s essay.
Note: When you introduce these concepts within the body of your essay, you must first introduce and explain the concepts you are taking from “How Kids Learn Resilience” before you can explain how you see Alexie applying them. Therefore, you will move back and forth your discussion of these two texts, explaining how you see one (Alexie) applying concepts you learned about from the other (Tough).
Writing the Analysis:
To achieve your purpose in this assignment, be sure to do the following:
Present a fully-developed introduction, which concludes with a thesis statement that states your argument.
Present support for your argument in body paragraphs that follow the structure of: topic sentence, support, explanation, and concluding sentence.
Present a fully-developed concluding paragraph, which summarizes your key points and leaves the reader with a lasting sense of the importance of your claim.
Provide sufficient support from the text to support your interpretation.
Integrate quoted material smoothly into your writing.
Include in-text citations for any specific passages that you paraphrase or quote directly.
Include a corresponding Works Cited page at the end.
Use an objective tone and a mix of paraphrased and quoted source material (though more paraphrased than quoted information).
Length: 4 pages, plus a Works Cited page

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