What makes each of these two generations differ?

Of the five different generational charts in the attached photos, pick TWO separate generations and discuss how/why there are changes within those two different generations of their listed stressors. For example-compare the ratings of Gen X and Baby Boomers-how they differ in what their stressors/fears are, and why are these two generations different in what they listed as the most important to least important(could it be due to events that occurred in specific times in their lives that are unique to them? Wars, Economy, etc)
As developmental psychologists know, particular history events can impact generations differently, so we need to consider these factors. What makes each of these two generations differ?
This assignment is due February 13 and has a requirement of a MINIMUM 2 full pages to be considered for credit. Make sure you proofread your submissions for grammar/spelling errors, as you will lose points for each one.

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