What measures are you using to come to your decision, and why?

The final project has been designed for you to put all your practical knowledge front his course into analyzing a Profit & Loss (P&L) statement.
All written assignments should be double-spaced and in 12-point Times New Roman font.
Using the statement provided, answer the following questions:
Sammies and Sodas December P&L Statement
Sammies and Sodas January P&L Statement
Note: Use all the sheets in the linked documents above. There are 5 total and are labelled F6.1, F6.2, F6.3, F6.4, and F6.5 for each P&L Statement. You will need to analyze the data on all of these sheets in order to answer the questions below.
Using the P&L Statements provided, which month do you feel was more successful for the restaurant?(1 paragraph) What measures are you using to come to your decision, and why? (1 paragraph)
Using the P&L Statements provided, determine whether the restaurant met their desired goals for Food, Beverage, and Other Expenses, during the months of December and January. (4 paragraphs)
What measures are you using to come to your decision, and why? (1 paragraph)
In addition, what are some reasons why the restaurant might have come in over or under on their goals? (1 paragraph)
Restaurant Goals:
Food Cost: 27.41%
Beverage Cost: 19.31%
Other Expenses: 3.2%
Based on the revenue and expenses for December and January, what do you feel are some explanations that account for the numbers presented on these two P&L Statements: Revenue, expenses, comps, repairs, etc. What are some of the situations that might have occurred in these two months? (2 paragraph)

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