What message did you take away from their Wordle and was it impactful?

Financial Management
Assessment create Wordle
Assignment Content
Post your Managed Care Wordle here with a brief comment on your wordle. Include in your comments why you chose the theme and other aspects of your wordle. What do you hope it conveys to others? Provide the references you used to create the words in your wordle. Be creative.
Subsequent peer posts should be of substance. What message did you take away from their Wordle and was it impactful?
Peer review should provide information relating to the wordle and how it illustrates the changing environment of healthcare. You should include references to support your thoughts and opinions. The post should be complete and appropriately cited using APA.
Students should review the grading rubric for additional clarity on assignment grading.
Websites that I have used are:
https://www.wordclouds.com/ (Links to an external site.)
There are several free sites where you can create wordles. As with any free site, always be careful when using to avoid a virus or other issues.
Attached is a quick wordle I did on “wordclouds.” Please note this wordle is not related to managed care.

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