What might you want to do to improve your competitive position?

For this assignment, you will create a strategy canvas for yourself. You will need to include the following details on your canvas:
1.) Identify the factors of competition (you get to decide what this). Include at least 6 competing factors (e.g., technical skills, interpersonal communication skills, marketing-related experience, etc.) across the horizontal axis;
2.) Label your offering level on the vertical axis (e.g., low and high or 0 to 100);
3.) Graph the value curve for you and your competition. Include colleagues at ECU, new graduates at other institutions (colleges across the country), average job candidates in your field (including those with significant industry experience), and yourself;
4.) You may wish to use the template provided in the Excel document to chart your canvas;
5.) Provide an analysis of your strategy canvas. What might you want to do to improve your competitive position? How do you differ from the competition? How can you leverage those differences to stand out from the competition?

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