What mood, feelings, ideas, are communicated by the artwork?

Before you begin, consider what is most important about the artwork and how you will communicate that.
Use descriiptive and precise language to capture all aspects of the artwork as you experienced it. Use the following prompts to organize your writing:
Describe the subject and elements of art.
How is the artwork organized (principles of design)?
What mood, feelings, ideas, are communicated by the artwork?
Discuss the merits and value of the artwork.
Include two references to music or everyday objects to enliven your descriiption.
For example, a specific piece of music that could be listened to while looking at the artwork. Music can complement certain aspects of the composition such as dynamic movement, a repeated pattern, or the mood of the artwork. Specific everyday objects could be touched or held to simulate the feel of a specific texture, weight, or shape in the artwork.

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