What new ideas did you get that or pushed your thinking in new directions?

Hello! I have copied the instructions for the assignment. I also have attached the template, an example and 2 lectures as well as I copied a link which is another lecture. Please ready carefully the instructions to complete the assignment. THANK YOU!!
For this assignment, you will use Connect-Extend-Challenge routine. This routine helps to connect new ideas to prior knowledge. Reflect on the different types of standardized tests, reliability and validity and the best suggested types of tests for young children. Then use the CONNECT-EXTEND-CHALLENGE table to synthesize the information.
1. CONNECT: How are ideas and information presented CONNECTED to what you already knew? You can add pictures, titles of books, links to websites, etc. to show your connections.
2. EXTEND: What new ideas did you get that EXTENDED or pushed your thinking in new directions?
3. CHALLENGE: What is still CHALLENGING or confusing for you to get your mind around? What questions, wonderings or puzzles do you now have?


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