What paradigm (pick from pages 9-16 in the text) would you follow?

Chapter 1 Application Assignment
Assignment on Psychology Careers: Virtual Exploration
Go to: http://www.apa.org/careers/ resources/guides/careers.aspx.
Review the APA brochure for careers in Psychology and identify some of the subfields most interesting to you as well as the job outlook for such a subfield.
Then write a ONE page (single spaced) reflection (3 Paragraphs, at least 100 words per paragraph) answering each of the questions below:
If you were to become a psychologist, which field would you work in?
What paradigm (pick from pages 9-16 in the text) would you follow? Why?
What type of work would you do?
Please upload your answers as a Word or PDF file.
Remember if you use direct quotes (the authors’ words) you should reference correctly, by using quotation marks, and APA in-text citations. You also need to use in-text citations when using the authors’ ideas or paraphrasing. See below for examples. Not citing is a form of plagiarism and will result in an F on the assignment. Your answers should also include your own words.
Examples of in text citations:
Direct quote:
Psychologists have a broader definition of learning than our everyday usage. They define learning as “a relatively permanent change in knowledge or behavior that results from experience” (Sdorow, Rickabaugh, & Betz, 2019, p. 238).
Psychologists define learning in a specific way that differs from our everyday usage. They focus on behavior or knowledge that changes because of our experiences (Sdorow, Rickabaugh, & Betz, 2019, p. 238).
Example of the reference list which goes at the end of your document:
Reference List:
Sdorow, L., Rickabaugh, C., Betz, A. (2019). Psychology. (8th ed.). Academic Media Solutions.
For more information refer to Purdue Owl which can be found through the SMCC My Learning link or by going directly to

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