What patterns of general behavior exist within the system?

For this paper, you will use the material from Chapter 7 of Hocker et al., from Dr. Fleming’s video, and from outside academic sources to analyze a troubled system in which you are personally involved. This may be a family system, a workplace system, a church system, a community system, etc. Do not attempt to perform this analysis with a system in which you are not a member. Your analysis should thoroughly respond to the following prompts (adapted from Hocker et al.). Be sure to use descriiptive language in all sections.
Brief overview of the system
What type of system is this?
Who are the people involved? (You may change their names if you wish.)
What labels have these individuals have been given in the system?
What are the overt (explicit) and covert (implicit) rules within the system? These should be general system rules as well as any specific rules that relate to conflict.
How do these rules (general and conflict rules) help to maintain the system?
What patterns of general behavior exist within the system?
What patterns of conflict exist within the system?
How do these patterns (both general and conflict) help to maintain the system?
Triangulation & Coalition
What triangles exist within the system?
How did these triangles develop?
Which of these triangles are toxic and why?
Using the examples from Hocker and Wilmot on pp. 241-243, create a similar visual illustration of the triangles within the system, including power, coalitions (allies), and isolates. Remember that an individual may be a part of more than one triangle and that more than one person may be on one side of a triangle.
What are some examples of first-order change that have been made within the system?
Why did these changes not influence the entire system?
What are some examples of possible second-order change that could affect the entire system?
How has this system affected your personal wellbeing?
How have you previously tried to bring about second-order change within the system?
What effect have your efforts had?
In your opinion, why were they successful or unsuccessful?
If you have not attempted to make second-order changes, why not?
What are three changes that you can make yourself that would either increase your personal sense of wellbeing or help bring about second-order change within the system? Any changes should be ones that you have the power to make yourself and should not be focused on changing someone else within the system.
Paper Specs
Create a cover page with your name, course number, assignment title, word count, and date.
Paper should be a minimum of 1800 words.
Do not include cover page, headings, quotes, or references in your word count.
Include a subheading for each rubric line.
Do not quote your sources. Paraphrase, cite, and reference using APA format.
Double-space your paper.
Use 12-point Times New Roman font.

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