What precautions can you take to protect yourself while you are abroad?

This week you are going on a trip to another country to study an insect vectored disease. You must travel to a country where an insect vectors a disease. While you are abroad, you are going to research insects. You can use the CDC website (Links to an external site.)to do research for your trip. Once again, the early bird catches the worm. You cannot travel to another country that someone else on the discussion board has already posted.
You must address the following points in your discussion post:
1. In your own words, discuss the diseases that are vectored by insects that you could encounter on your trip abroad
2. What regions of the country are affected (Are all areas affected, only certain parts?)
3. What medication should you take if you go abroad? Are there medical treatments available? Are vaccines available?
4. What precautions can you take to protect yourself while you are abroad?

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