What preconceived beliefs or attitudes did you have before completing this paper?

Working with Vulnerable Populations
The purpose of this assignment is to orient you to various barriers and adverse experiences that vulnerable populations encounter and to increase your self-awareness and skill building when working with specific target population(s).
Please answer the following questions and address the following content in this paper:
A. Introduction/Background
What is a vulnerable population? What makes a population at-risk or vulnerable? Historical background? (i.e., has this group always been vulnerable, how did they become vulnerable, what changed, what contributed, etc.)
Identify 1 vulnerable population group that you will discuss throughout the paper
Who is the group? What makes this specific group vulnerable?
You can choose a vulnerable group from the list in Addendum A: Sample List of Vulnerable Populations, or you can identify another group (check with your instructor to make sure your group is approved if it is not one of the groups on Addendum A)
B. Content
Why did you choose this specific group (i.e., personal experience, family member, etc.)?
What is this group at risk for (i.e., safety, homelessness, racism, persecution, poverty, exploitation, etc.)?
What preconceived beliefs or attitudes did you have before completing this paper?
Have those beliefs changed since completing the paper or remained the same, please discuss.
Technical Information
What information did you learn about this vulnerable group (i.e., factual information, statistics, data reports, etc.)?
Discuss at least 3, or more, new things you learned about this vulnerable group through your research
Social Work Practice
Why is this vulnerable group important to social workers and social work practice, please discuss (i.e., why do we care, why should we care, etc.)
As a future social worker, what needs to be done, created, implemented or developed to help this population (i.e., what would you do, what would make their situation better, resources, etc.)
Which NASW Code of Ethics principle (i.e., service, social justice, etc.) applies to serving and helping this vulnerable population and why, please discuss.
C. Conclusion
What are you going to do, moving forward, to help and assist vulnerable population (i.e., volunteerism, advocacy, etc.)?
If you feel like you are unable to do anything to help this vulnerable population, what would you like to do?
Additional Guidelines:
All papers should be in APA format
This paper must be between 5-7 pages (not including cover page or reference page)
You must include at least 3 reference for this paper (on a reference page)
Your cover page should include the title of the paper, your name, school name and name of the course
You will be graded on the basis of the quality of your analysis, use of concepts from the course materials, professional appearance, APA format, organization of material, and writing skills.
These papers are confidential. Only the instructor will read them. Please submit by 11:55 pm on the due date.

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