What process and quality controls are used in your organization to ensure quality is kept in control?

Quality Control
Using the same product, service or process you discussed in Week 5, respond to the following:
What process and quality controls are used in your organization to ensure quality is kept in control? How do these compare to those used by others in the industry?
What types of SPC charts are used (or should be used) to manage the quality of this product, service, or process? In your response, answer the following and provide details on a specific SPC chart that is used (or can be used), including:
What is the actual quality metric being monitored?
Who does (or would) monitor the process?
What happens when the process is out of control?
What else can management do to ensure that quality is controlled effectively?
Post your initial response by Wednesday, midnight of your time zone, and reply to at least 2 of your classmates’ initial posts by Sunday, midnight of your time zone.
Week 5 Post
Critical Quality Control Metrics for Steel
The product chosen from the previous managers is steel and has the following metrics:
* Compliance
* Cost-control
* Reputation
* Safety
Quality Control Metric Chosen: Compliance
Compliance is a necessary component of quality control, with the objective of ensuring that the specification’s criteria are being met and to give the customer with a report complete with accurate records. For the organization, it is critical to inspect the techniques, procedures, and materials used in the fabrication of steel. According to Gunasekaran, Subramanian, Ngai (2019), a trivial inaccuracy in one procedure may be undetected until the subsequent process is finished. If not addressed quickly, durability might be considerably diminished. Inspections of structural steel begin prior to any contact with the steel during the manufacturing process. Before construction starts, the material traceability is extensively examined. Additionally, each cut is inspected, as are operations like as drilling, beveling, and welding. This helps guarantee that these components are robust, safe, and work as intended and that the product is compliant with existing quality standards.
Measuring the Product Capability
In the company, evaluating the product capability for steel involves inspecting its mechanical qualities, which are critical to the safety of constructions that must be both stable and adequate. This assessment approach uses statistics to objectively assess the steel’s quality. However, although there are several varieties of steel that may meet technical criteria for design and construction, techniques for evaluating the multi-process capacity of the whole steelwork are varied. The objective assessment techniques developed by organization are updated and expanded in this study by using statistical inference concepts. A procedure for evaluating the method’s quality is proposed as a bottom-up approach that aims at certifying the product until the final cycle. As Corona et al. (2019) write, this evaluation method not only thoroughly evaluates the capability and quality of the process, but also improves the production process and quality control capability, potentially reducing production loss. Regarding the calibration scheme, the company employs Attribute Agreement Analysis to determine the degree of agreement between appraisers’ ratings and established criteria. The criterion helps in ascertaining the accuracy of appraisers’ evaluations as well as identifying the greatest rate of misclassification.
Corona, B., Shen, L., Reike, D., Carreón, J. R., & Worrell, E. (2019). Towards sustainable           development through the circular economy: A review and critical assessment on current             circularity metrics. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 151, 104498.
Gunasekaran, A., Subramanian, N., & Ngai, W. T. E. (2019). Quality management in the 21st      century enterprises: Research pathway towards Industry 4.0. International Journal Of        Production Economics, 207, 125-129.

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