What relevant experience, studies or research do you have with the topic?

This assignment has very specific instructions. This is a portion of a capstone essay.
Topic and rationale
Thesis Statement
Preliminary reference list
Rationale is a brief statement of the purpose for your paper. Like a blueprint or plan, it should provide the methodology and goals for the paper. It should include the following:
PURPOSE: What do you hope achieve with this paper? What are your goals?
BACKGROUND: What relevant experience, studies or research do you have with the topic? How does it relate to your areas of study?
SIGNIFICANCE: Why is this topic worthy? What do you hope to learn from this experience? What new perspective will you bring?
RESEARCH METHODOLOGY AND DESCRIPTION: How will you conduct your research and what sources will you use?
Thesis Statement
Compose a single sentence, including the topic, argument and three supporting claims
An outline is a way to focus and organize the writing that you will do. Without a plan, you may find yourself wandering from the main topic. The outline delivers the ability to organize your thoughts and the paper’s format. There are several forms of outlines, but for this assignment, you will complete a sentence outline. Each bullet ( a, b, c) should be a sentence. Note: “b” requires possible research/source use. In Week Two you will expand this to a paragraph outline to help you complete your final written Capstone.
Preliminary Reference List
For this assignment, you need to identify three sources for consideration of your topic development. Your sources may change but for this purpose include at least one source in each of the body paragraphs and a full reference after the conclusion..
I have attached a document of an example of how it should look.

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