What role does virtue play in the ethics of this religious and/or political leader?

This is for my Eastern Philosophy class. The essay is about choosing 2 political or religious figures from India and Japan. My two figures are Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India, and Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun. I have pasted my teachers requirements for the essay below. The third body paragraph is about how researching their philosophies have influenced me. Please write how Modi has not influenced me because he doesn’t practice with what he preaches, and riles up anti-Muslim tension in India. For Amaterasu you can say she influenced me positively with her being a beacon of peace.
Here are the requirements my teacher provided:
The Marriage of Philosophy & Religion
Introduction to Eastern Philosophy
1. Research your figures
2. Make sure the following questions are addressed in regard to each figure
in your presentation:
a. How is this religious and/or political leader situated historically in
the religious tradition they are associated with?
b. What role does virtue play in the ethics of this religious and/or
political leader?
c. How would this figure describe “nothingness” in relation to their
sense of self?
d. In terms of nirvana and the afterlife, how would your religious
and/or political leader understand these concepts?
o 5 pages full pages
o 12pt font in Times New Roman
o 1” Margins and Double-spaced
o Works Cited page (a Cover Page would be nice, but not required)
o Essay Structure: Introduction, Body Paragraphs, Conclusion
Paper Content:
o Section One – Includes an Introduction before describing each of your two
chosen religious figures in detail. It stresses their philosophy of life and
presents facts in regard to their religious experiences. Quotations used
should express thoughts and feelings on faith, life, death, nirvana, or their
personal philosophies.
o Section Two – This is the section in which you compare and contrast both
figures and their theologies. What aspects of religious experience do they
share philosophically, even though their faith traditions are vastly different?
Did their lives follow a similar course? If not, why not? If so, how so?
o Section Three – Here you need to tell the reader how the researching and
writing about these two figures have influenced you, your sense of faith,
and your worldview. Finally, summarize your paper with a detailed
Writing and Plagiarism: Your essay needs to be your own work. Any references
given to persons, theologies, histories, and quotations must be duly noted
throughout the paper and in the Works Cited page. Plagiarism of any sort will not
be tolerated. Please see the Pierce College Plagiarism guidelines in your syllabus
for this course or on the college’s website: http://www.pierce.ctc.edu/library/plagiarizing.
Your writing needs to be clear, which includes the use of proper sentence structure
and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
Research and Documentation: As you begin your research for this paper, consult
the bibliographic material in your textbooks, as well as the resources/research
sections of pertinent religious websites (.org or .edu).

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