What should Harry Hannah include and exclude in the decision?

Discussion Topic (Reply to 3 topics attached.)
Three short and sweet responses are fine.
There are three components to a decision frame in the MDQ model:
Purpose – What does Harry Hannah hope to accomplish by making the decision?
Scope – What should Harry Hannah include and exclude in the decision?
Perspective – What is Harry Hannah’s point of view about the decision? What are the ways he wants to approach, or others may approach, making the decision? (Framing is like the zoom feature of the camera. What we include in the picture is the scope of the decision it, the angle for the best lighting and view is the perspective and what kind of picture we want, an action or landscape shot, is the purpose.)
The goal of this discussion for you to apply step two of the MDQ model, define the three components to Hannah’s Hats’ decision frame, and narrow down four objectives.
BY FRIDAY, complete the following:
Use the Decision Statement that you selected in the Week 4 Discussion (Step One). This could be the one that was provided or one that you came up with on your own.
Explain what “Framing the Decision” means in terms of the three components (Purpose, Scope, and Perspective). You do this by addressing, discussing and supporting each of the terms – purpose, scope, and perspective (MDQ model). Discuss the biases and traps that must be avoided in Framing the Decision.
Explain the meaning and purpose in using objectives in the MDQ model. Discuss the specific biases and traps that must be avoided.
Identify the Decision Statement again so it is clear what the Decision Statement you are using is. Then, identify the best four objectives for the Decision Statement that you selected.
Explain why these objectives are the best for Hannah’s Hats and Harry Hannah as the decision maker to help frame the decision. Be sure to explain specifically what constitutes a sound objective and why it is important to making the decision.
Respond to a minimum of three classmates’ posts that have a decision statement that differs from your own. You will need to review their post and determine whether you agree that their objectives help frame the decision and why or why not. Make sure to support your statements with facts from the case study as well as information about the model (purpose, scope, and perspective). Additionally, your follow-up posts should be substantive and should move the discussion forward. Discussion posts that simply tell a student they did a good job on their posting or discussions that agree with the other student’s response will not count.
You must use course material to support your responses and make sure to use APA formatting and a reference listing for any sources you use.

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