What specific goal do you have for your learning for the remainder of this course?

Your Self-Assessment
This discussion will give you an opportunity to reflect on your learning thus far in this course and consider concepts that may still be a bit “muddy” for you. It will also give your instructor and your peers an opportunity to help clarify any ideas that you may be struggling with.
Prepare: Prior to beginning work on this discussion,
• Review the learning objectives thus far in the course.
• Review the discussions and assignments you have completed thus far.
• Review your instructor feedback on discussions and assignments.
• Examine what you have learned so far in this course. Consider what learning objectives you have mastered and those that need further developing.
Write: In your initial post, respond to the following questions:
• What has been the “muddiest” point so far in this course? In other words, what topic remains the least clear to you? Explain your reasoning so that your instructor can provide guidance.
• What is one thing that you have learned in this course that you could apply into your personal or professional life?
• What specific goal do you have for your learning for the remainder of this course? What resources might you need to help you get there?

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