What steps are needed before going into negotiations with a company?

Each written paper requires in-depth and detailed responses to the assignment question(s). The written papers need to reference the text materials in the content of the paper as well as the Reference Page. You must ensure you reference and cite a source if you paraphrase or quote directly from an author or source. Likewise, written papers include real-world examples to support any general points. Keep your submissions clear, concise, focused, and succinct. Quality is preferred and not quantity of verbiage. Each written paper must be:
□ 2-3 pages maximum (500-700 words)
□ APA format
□ Title page, introduction, conclusion, and reference page (no short answer format)
Choose ONE of the following:
What is your approach to negotiation? How does it differ and how is it similar to this week’s course materials?
What steps are needed before going into negotiations with a company? Identify specific steps and discuss these in detail. Be sure to include dealing with 2022 pandemic impact on such negotiations. You must include a title page, introduction, conclusion, and reference page.

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