What symptoms would you expect to see in a patient with a myocardial infarction in the left ventricle?

Hi. I am a nursing student from Illinois
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R.S. is a 53-year old Hispanic male who began to experience chest discomfort while playing tennis with his wife. As first he attributed his discomfort to the heat and having eaten a large breakfast. Gradually, however his discomfort intensified into a crushing sensation in the sternal area and the pain seemed to spread upward into his neck and lower jaw. When he told his wife about a sudden waive of nausea and his pain she called 911. R.S. was transported to the nearest ED. En route to the hospital he was placed on 2L oxygen via nasal canula and an IV of 0.9%NS was started and 2mg of Morphine IVP was given. R.S. was also given 325 mg of aspirin PO and 1 sublingual nitroglycerin tablet. Upon arrival to the ED his pain was still an 8/10 and unrelieved by 2 more SL nitro tabs. His medical history includes hypertension and type 2 DM. R.S. was rushed to the cath lab for immediate intervention.
How did R.S.’s risk factors predispose him to a cardiac event?
What symptoms would you expect to see in a patient with a myocardial infarction in the left ventricle? In the right ventricle?
Give an example of one cultural factor that may affect this patient’s recovery and adaptation post
Textbook, Chapters 23-28. ( I don;t have book)
Huether, S. E., McCance, K. L., & Brashers, V. L. (2020). Understanding pathophysiology (7th ed.). Elsevier Mosby.

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