What two major changes in our Airports came about after 9/11?

Using the theories of “Broken Windows” by Wilson and Kelling, define and design a response to one of the neighborhoods in your community that may be in need of increased community policing.
What are two major categories of disorder that affect the quality of life in the community according to your text? Do you agree?
2. The Federal Clery Act mandates what? How does UTRGV campus police abide by this requirement? Think in terms of notifications you receive…were you aware of why you recieved them?
3. What two major changes in our Airports came about after 9/11? Hint- one is an Act and one is a Department. Discuss t he security measure before and after 9/11 in detail…many of you were not aware of how airports were ran before 9/11, discuss this.
Must answer in full detail and comment for full credit
Below lists the expectations for our discussion posts.
Submit initial post(s) early in the week, and subsequent responses to the posts of your peers at timely intervals throughout the session. The goal is to have a dynamic discussion around the topic that lasts throughout the entire week which means its a good idea to visit the Discussions link to see if new posts are made. You can also Subscribe to each forum to be alerted of new responses.

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