What type of development are you assessing (physical, cognitive, or social emotional)?

Develop an assessment that will determine a child’s physical, cognitive, or social emotional development in early childhood. Specifically, you must address the following questions:
This assessment is designed for a child who is how old?
What type of development are you assessing (physical, cognitive, or social emotional)?
What is the specific goal of your assessment?
What materials will you need for this assessment? What type of space? What objects?
What, specifically, will you have the child do? What are the steps you will follow as you introduce the activity, engage the child in the activity, and evaluate the child’s ability to accomplish the activity?
What specific developmental concepts and/or theories are relevant? Describe those concepts and/or theories and clearly state what you expect the outcome of this activity to be (i.e., what should the child be able to do at this age?).
There is no minimum word requirement for this assignment, but an assessment that is less than 800 words (not including the questions) runs the risk of lacking sufficient detail. For detailed guidelines about how to complete this assignment, go to the Start Here module in the Content area, click Assignment Expectations, and choose Developmental Assessments. Please use this form to complete this assignment.

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