What type of initiatives and behaviors would you use to build trust?

Trust is the cornerstone for high performing teams. Without a foundation of trust, all other team dynamics become problematic. Communication is likely to be compromised because team members cannot be open and provide honest feedback to one another. Collaboration is unlikely to occur as team members may question the motives of others. Conflict and disagreement are likely to go unresolved and thus build. Team members are unlikely to take undue risks (which undermines innovation) for fear of criticism and finger pointing. Clearly, this is all detrimental to team performance. In a 2,100 – 2,450 word paper, describe how you would build trust in a team. What type of initiatives and behaviors would you use to build trust? What are the potential obstacles? How would you address these? Consider these questions from the perspectives of a team member, the team leader, and the organization. Your paper should follow APA guidelines and include, at least, two peer-reviewed articles to support your solution.
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