What was your experience of attempting to limit generalization, anachronism, and use of weak sources?

For this assignment, choose two specific Western cultures
between 632-1000 C.E. Using these, build a comparison that identifies at least
three differences and three similarities from political leadership, and
economic and social and/or cultural elements. Highlight any shared influences,
biases, and perspectives. Before your conclusion, you will write a paragraph in
which you reflect on the guidelines for ethical and rigorous study of cultures
detailed at the beginning of the unit lesson (mentioned in Step 1 below). As
you finish your assignment, include conclusions drawn from both your
comparisons and your reflection. The assignment steps below will provide more
Step 1:
Choose two specific times and locations to research.
Specific times and locations are necessary to avoid generalization.
Avoid all generalization beyond the data you have researched
on those times and locations, including projections of your own views.
Avoid anachronism, which is the use of data or circumstances
from today as if they are evidence of what the past means. Form your
conclusions using only data from the past.
Compare like terms, meaning the same kinds of things, in a
point-by-point comparison (rather than writing about one culture and then the
Consider artifacts and other cultural products.
Use strong sources as indicated above.
Include at least one comparison drawn from each of the
following: 1) politics; 2) social organization or cultural products; and 3) the
Step 4: Prepare a reflection on your use of the guidelines
for ethical and rigorous historical research. What was your experience of
attempting to limit generalization, anachronism, and use of weak sources? The
assignment is not considered complete without this component.
Step 5: Write your essay in this order without headings:
introduction, comparisons, reflection, conclusions. Your essay must be at least
500 words in length.

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