What would Smith have to say about online dating platforms?

Apply one of the readings that we’ve discussed in class to a current, real-world problem or question.
For this paper, I would like you to envision that you’re applying the work of one of the thinkers we’ve read in class to a
contemporary problem. The paper needs to demonstrate that you understood the argument / text of the thinker and
that you are able to extrapolate, through textual evidence, how this thinker may have responded to a modern problem
(ie. What would Smith have to say about online dating platforms?
The topic should be articulated as a thesis,
and not a statement, meaning that it should offer a nuanced approach to an idea that cannot be reduced to a single
claim or a pros/cons argument
please sustain your argument with textual evidence. This might a few well-selected
passages which function as examples that allow you to further complicate and nuance your thesis. This might be a
textual pattern that you noticed or a passage that you found particularly dense that you would like to explore further.
Again, it can be helpful to think of your essay as an evolving answer to a question, in which
each bit of evidence allows you to address different aspects of a central question. Do be sure to have a clearly
articulated thesis.

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