What would you describe as today’s modern day monster that is terrorizing society?

Beowulf depicts the tale of a monster terrorizing a group of people and then the heroic deeds of Beowulf who swoops in to save them all. Many of the themes we see presented in this text are still relevant today: the complexities of heroism, the allegiance to one’s kinsmen, the sacrifice for one’s community, etc. What would you describe as today’s modern day monster that is terrorizing society? Is it social media? Global warming? Political divisiveness? Sensationalized news? Over-reliance on technology?
Do some preliminary research and write an argumentative essay in which you assert that your chosen “monster” is indeed wreaking havoc on our world and must be stopped.
Your essay must include:
A thesis/claim statement
Be MLA formatted & typed
Include research (at least 2 reputable sources)
Include references/citations to Beowulf (also noted in the Works Cited)
Works Cited page with sources (3 minimum)
Must include a counterclaim or counter argument
Must include a rebuttal
Must include a conclusion and introduction

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