What would you like the cardiologist to know or learn from your perspective as the treating psychologist?

Read the case vignette and submit your responses to the questions that follow.
A 42-year-old Hispanic male presents at your office after having been referred to you by his cardiologist. In reviewing his medical records which were provided to you by the referring party, you note that he underwent a triple coronary bypass approximately five years ago following a near fatal heart attack.
Since that time, the man has presented at the Emergency Department (ED) over a dozen times with symptoms of a heart attack including racing heart, difficulty breathing, chest pain, numbness, dizziness, sweating, and tingling sensations in his hands. However, multiple EKGs and heart catheterizations have found no abnormalities. The patient is quote as saying during these episodes, “Help me! I’m dying!”
According to the patient, the cardiologist eventually became frustrated with him and told him that his symptoms are “all in his head.” The patient presents as angry and keeps stating, “I’m not crazy. I don’t need to be here.”The cardiologist noted in the patient’s chart a diagnosis of “Conversion Disorder.”
You have a phone conference scheduled with the cardiologist following your appointment with the patient to confer.
What can you do as the psychologist to establish rapport and trust with this patient? What specifically do you need to communicate in this regard?
What, if any, alternative ideas do you have about this patient’s diagnosis of Conversion Disorder rendered by the cardiologist?
What would you like to know or learn from the cardiologist’s perspective?
What would you like the cardiologist to know or learn from your perspective as the treating psychologist?
What are your next steps in working with this patient?
How would you advise the patient to handle future episodes of these symptoms?
Your submission should be 1-3 pages single-spaced, in APA Editorial Format with proper reference citations.

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