What you’re currently working on?

Writing Instructions (from professor):
The goal of your project is to try something new and, perhaps, to contribute something to the field of Cryptography.
• Select a paper from the Cryptography literature or a current research project (Cryptography related) you may be working on and write a proposal of a maximum of 5 pages. The proposal must include:
o Title
o Summary
o Technical Concept and Approach
o Expected Outcomes
o Cryptography Relevance
• If proposal is approved, then implement and test the approach described in that your proposal.
o Write two monthly progress reports of your project that includes answer to the following questions:
1. What you’re currently working on?
2. What you have accomplished?
3. Are there some downfalls? If so, please explain with details.
4. What are you working on next?
• Write a project report that includes:
1. Title
2. Abstract
3. Introduction
4. Methodology
5. Results
6. Conclusion
7. References
• Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of your project.
Very important!!! (Now, detail directions from me as the student):
1. Please, the above is the writing instructions from my professor about a project (or paper). So as a writer, you are going to find the project topic in addition to writing a proposal of a maximum of 5 pages (This will be the PART ONE). The proposal must have cryptography relevance. As a writer, you must understand that cryptography (which makes use of applied mathematics – i.e., Number Theory) is a field/study concerned with encryption algorithms to protect messages/communications/i.e., from unauthorized individuals/entities. That means, based on the choice of topic for the project’s proposal, this may involve the use of programming languages MATLAB/Python (again, this depends on the nature of the proposal or project). PART ONE (Proposal) must include: Title; Summary; Technical Concept and Approach; Expected Outcomes; Cryptography Relevance as stipulated above. Note: PART ONE has to be completed first and if the proposal is approved by the professor, you will move to the second phase of the project, which is PART TWO (Writing of two monthly progress reports).
2. Next, and as mentioned, you will have to write two progress reports both of which must report on what is currently being worked on, accomplishments so far, downfalls (if any), and what is next.
3. PART THREE involves the writing out of the project itself. The project must include: Title; Abstract; Introduction; Methodology; Results; Conclusion; and References. Remember that this is the final phase of the project after PART ONE and PART TWO. So, to get us to this last stage we will have to successfully complete those two parts i.e., first, you will write the proposal, send it to me so I present it to my professor for approval. Second, upon the approval of the proposal by the professor the next step will be implementation and testing. Third, you will then write out the project.
4. Finally, you will have to prepare a PowerPoint presentation of the project (I will let you know the number slides required soon).
A Final Word:
Please since this is a semester long project, it means that the success of this project will largely depend on what topic you come up with at the proposal level. Further, that also means that I will stick with you as my writer throughout, which is why you will have to make the decision of whether to accept the order or not. As indicated above, there are 3 stages in this semester long work and each stage will require your time and commitment. And again, remember that you will have to complete PART ONE first. Then PART TWO, if approved. PART THREE is writing up the project report (or paper). Finally, then create the PowerPoint slides. Please, it is important that you contact me in a timely fashion for clarifications whenever you are not sure of something.
Thank you.
Note: I have attached the textbook that we are using.

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