What’s the consequence of being color blind in a racist world, according to Bonilla-Silva

For this Discussion Forum assignment, write two analytical paragraphs using three quotations from the textbook, Part II Overview and Chapters 1-5, pages 103-137.
Question: What do these approaches contribute to your understanding of racism in the US?
Explain racism as told by the textbook authors. Why is it not merely prejudice, according to Tatum? Why is it about the body, according to Coates? Why is it beyond hate, according to Haney-Lopez? What’s the consequence of being color blind in a racist world, according to Bonilla-Silva? Explain a key point that Crenshaw makes about intersectionality. Bonus: make a connection to something you learned from The Masks You Live In to your analysis of racism.
Your response must be 300-450 words, and you must use textual evidence to support your assertions.
Will upload pictures from the book later tonight.

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