When you are on vacation, out-of-state or country, do you ever wonder if you will ever cross paths with the people you were neighbors with on the beach again?

post two responses to the ideas contained in two of your classmate’s posts of at least 150 words each. They should be insightful and substantial and not judge or evaluate your classmate’s post. For example: “Good job,” or “Great post” is not appropriate here.
pls write separate responds for each one , each should be 150 worlds at least . thank u
first post: Modernism was a literary movement that focuses on contemporary elements. It started after World War 1 and continued into the middle of the 20th century. According to the YouTube video titled “Overview of Modernism in Literature”, Modernist literature was a predominantly English genre of fiction writing that was popular from the 1910s into the 1960s. the period is marked by a sudden and unexpected break from traditional ways of viewing the world. Additionally, many stories can all add up to feel like the story is not going anywhere. The other video is titled “Introduction to Modernism” and it states that this period had a loss of faith in progress, the cult of fragmentation, radical rejection of tradition, and cult of the new. Other characteristics include the presence of symbolism, the formalism of language, themes of isolation, themes of negative consequences of capitalism, and focus on the inner workings of the characters, and their consciousness. Watching these videos enhanced my understanding as it allowed me to understand why the author wrote the way that they did.
Ernest Hemingway was an influential American literary icon who was known for his straightforward prose and use of understatement. His short story called “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place” has three men- an older waiter, a younger waiter, and an old, deaf drunk trying to determine how to spend their night. Each character reveals their inner thoughts about their time being spent at the café. The younger waiter is eager to go home to his wife, which shows that he wanted to maintain the proper balance between work and family. Hemingway also portrays the young waiter as impatient because he states that the old drunk has “no regard for those who must work”(3).
His short story portrayed modernism because it had no real conflict, and no resolution. It simply had a series of moments in daily life. Individualism is also another aspect. In modernist literature, the individual is more interesting than society. Hemingway also makes much use of repetition throughout the story, repeating words such as pleasant, clean, and well-lit. He also repeats the words “nothing” and “nada” which allow the reader to know the main theme of the story. The story is also narrated by a third-person omniscient narrator, who describes the setting, dialogue, and inner thoughts of the characters with no opinion on the emotion or judgment. It also dealt with loneliness and isolation and questioned the purpose of life. This short story is suggesting that life has no meaning, and this idea is solidified when the older waiter states, “It was all a nothing and man was a nothing too”(4). He also implies that religion is nothingness which is something people turn to in order to find a purpose. He implies this when he uses the word nada in the prayer he recites.
“The Dead” is about some characters having an annual Christmas party in Dublin. Gabriel, the main character, and his wife Gretta arrive. Towards the end of the story, his wife reveals that a man loved her enough to die for her. Gabriel then realizes that he has never experienced a passion worth dying for and that his wife is a person with her own past experiences. He then realizes that he is simply a small role in her life.
This story explores many ideas of modernism. This story has the meaning of life and death through the sudden revelation that comes to the character. The story also rejects conventional rules of syntax and structure. It uses the technique called stream-of-consciousness which takes the reader into the thought flow of the characters. It shows when the thoughts randomly appear to them. At the ending, he starts to see his place in the cycle of life and death and continued life as a memory that influences the living. He feels “His own existence was fading and into a gray and impalpable world”(51). The color grey here can symbolize death. It starts off when he describes his Aunt Julia who has grey hair and a grey face.
second post: Moderism was a movement between the 1910s-50s where authors, artists and even regular civilians who subscribed to this movement shared the same ideas. These ideas were generally focused on the rejection of tradition, loss of faith in progress, and subjective experiences. These Moderism values were inspired by the technological, architectual, and political advances during this time period. Moderism also brought forth a new style of writing and sharing these ideas, as a stream of conciousness, rather than a clear narrative that had a clear beginnning, middle, or end.
In the short story “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place” by Ernest Hemingway, the ideas of modernism that we learned from the videos are expressed through the importance of subjective experience and the rejection of tradition. Two waiters are working late in a cafe, tending to their only customer who happens to be an elderly deaf man. The younger waiter is annoyed because he has to work late, and mentions to the other how he wished the old man killed himself. The younger one even says this to the elderly customer’s face. The dialogue continues between the two waiters, the younger asks “‘What did he want to kill himself for?’ … ‘Why did they do it?’ … [older waiter responds] ‘Fear for his soul’ … ‘He’s got plently [of money]'” (Hemingway 2). This back and forth between the two waiters explains the subjective experience of different people, at different ages, who have different roles. One who is focused on theirself, such as the young waiter in “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place”, does not understand why the old man wanted to commit suicide, but wished it upon him, simply because he did not like to work late. The story unravels and the dialogue between the two waiters continue, the younger one wishing that he could go home to bed, the older asks “What is an hour?” …[younger waiter responds] “More to me than to him” (Hemingway 3). This highlights the subjective experience and moderism Hemingway intended the short story to portray. This dialogue alludes to the nuance of personal subjective experiences one can experience in their own life, that even though time is the same for all people, people spend their time differently. “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place” also rejects tradition throughout the story. This idea is specifially portrayed when the older waiter is walking towards a bar after closing the bar and mumbles to himself “Our nada who art in nada, nada be thy name thy kingdom nada thy will be nada in nada as it is in nada,” (Hemingway 4). This explains the rejection of tradition because during this time period religion was an important tradition to the general public. Hemingway’s choice of replacing words with ‘nada’ or ‘nothing’ explains the idea of religion being pointness, thus challenging the religious traditions.
Overall, this short story challenges and questions the audience to think of the complexity of each persons life. One can relate to these thoughts in today’s age. When you are stuck in traffic on I-355, do you wonder if the person behind you is having a good day? What is Tom Brady doing right now? When you are on vacation, out-of-state or country, do you ever wonder if you will ever cross paths with the people you were neighbors with on the beach again? This short story by Hemingway is a very thought-provoking piece that uses subjective experiences as a way to share Modernist values with the audience.

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