Which behaviors do you feel are most important for students to display?

Explain typical behaviors that you expect in classrooms (both in person and virtual). Which behaviors do you feel are most important for students to display? Which behavior management strategies contribute to be a successful classroom management in your classroom?
Desired classroom characteristics
•Complying with teacher requests and academic tasks
•Controlling impulses
•Dealing with problems, anger, and negative feedback in developmentally appropriate ways
•Being cooperative and courteous with peers
•Staying attentive, involved, and productive
•Following rules (including recognizing contexts for different behaviors)
Most common misbehaviors
•Being tardy
•Not being prepared
•Not attending
•Calling out
•Exhibiting mild forms of verbal and physical aggression
strategies for effective classroom management
Organizing the Classroom
•Arranging the physical environment
•Valuing instructional time
•Being prepared
•Coordinating resources
Delivering effective instruction
Creating a climate of care and respect
•Authentic relationships
•Civility and respect
•Culturally responsive practices

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