Which do you think leads to more scholarly history?

01) Summarize what you learned from the discussion about the empire you chose not to focus on. This response should be a beefy paragraph, about 200 words or so.
02) Did you prefer doing your own primary source research or reading the research of others? Which do you think leads to more scholarly history? Your response should answer both questions directly in a paragraph about 100 words.
03) Now I want you to research the empire you chose using a search engine. What types of results show up? Are there results from Wikipedia? What other organizations came up in your search (universities, tourism sites, or UNESCO are examples)?
Choose one link (that isn’t Wikipedia, Britannica, or World History Encyclopedia) and scan the information inside. Copy the link below and evaluate it: do you find it trustworthy? Explain why. Some things to consider: does the site belong to an organization you recognize, does the page have a named author and date of publication, and does the page have citations or links to reputable papers, books, or websites?
I challenge you to find a site none of your classmates has used. Let’s get weird!
Your response to this question should be about 300 words.

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