Which is the organization that needs to have this model developed?

You work as a data analyst in the career center of your university. Along with your essential data analytics skill, you want to use your newly developed analytical skills in texting data mining. Being aware of this, your manager assigned you the task of creating a tool using text analytics to help students find jobs. They want some tool so that students can sort through all the jobs in a particular job category and find a few that are the most similar to their background (resume). In other words, a tool that will sort through all the job descriptions of all the possible jobs the student could do and, using some personal information like a résumé, select just a few that are the most likely to produce interviews.
You have the following data sets available: a student’s résumé and all the job descriptions from jobs in the career center database. As a part of the functional specification of the tool, generate at least three framed analytical questions to code for a text data mining-based model to answer to fulfill this information need.
Questions and guidance on how to answer them
The Information Need
1. Who is the customer of this tool? Who is going to using this tool?
2. What do they need to know that will motivate them to use this tool? Make this into a statement of a request by a customer to you: “I need a tool that …..”
3. How are they answering the question now? How are they getting this information now?
The Context
4. Who is the client? Who needs to have this tool built?
5. Which is the organization that needs to have this model developed?
6. Why do they need this?
7. How is the customer of the tool doing things now, and why would they want to improve on what they are doing? What are at least two measures of performance on their current way of doing the task that your tool could help them improve?
The Gap
8. What is the gap in performance? Take each KNPI and compare the level of performance now and what they wished it would be.
The Framed Analytical Questions
9. Go back to the information need (“I need a tool that…”) and parse all elements of the stated request.
10. Generate at least THREE framed analytical questions that will be computed by your tool. Make sure they are stated in the SMART format. Use the 10 tools we described in the first session to base your questions on.

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