Which of the barriers, in your experience as an educator or parent, do you believe is causing families the most stress today?

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reply # 1
Samantha Wilson
Discussion Entry
The three barriers of learning according to Dr. Dobson include the “Late Bloomer”, “The Slow Learner”, and the “The Underachiever”. “The underachiever is a student who is unsuccessful in school despite his ability to do the work” (Dobson, 2014). I believe this barrier in my experience as someone who has grown up around children and now as a parent has watched a lot of children grow up, the underachiever is the learning barrier that causes the most stress today. I have noticed multiple similarities between the text of what an underachiever is and my fifteen year old niece. My niece “has considerable intellectual potential but insists on wasting it.” (Dobson, 2014). The statistic that “75 percent of all students experience an academic slump sometime between the seventh and tenth grades.” (Dobson, 2014). This theme is also common with my niece, she is in her ninth grade year now. The most stressful part is the parenting/discipline behind the learning barrier. Her mom becomes stressed and is truly in this viscous cycle of my niece not caring about grades and her mom taking away her phone. It is true when Dr. Dobson says that this reaction by a parent “hardly makes the youngster more diligent.” (Dobson, 2014). I do not believe that the education system supports the struggle that underachieving children go through. There are two solid solutions provided in the book that are realistic and I will mention to my sister in regards to my niece that I think she would find helpful. The first one is that “parents should provide support in areas where pure self-discipline is needed. The evening study period should be highly structured — routine hours and a minimum of interferences.” (Dobson, 2014). The second one involves parental encouragement. Realistic and reachable goals should be made by the parent and child with incentives in place for when the goals are met.
Dobson, J. C. (2014). The New Dare to Discipline. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
Dobson, J. C. (2007). Parenting Isn’t For Cowards. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
reply # 2
Kenneth Love
Discussion Entry
Dr. Dobson describes three barriers to learning. Which of the barriers, in your experience as an educator or parent, do you believe is causing families the most stress today? How is the education system either supporting kids or adding to the struggle? Describe one solution for each of the barrier you see as a causing parent or our society the most stress
The most difficult barrier to learning that Dobson described in the reading that I feel causes extreme stress is dealing with an underachiever. This is not only stressful for the individual but also for the family and community he or she lives in. As someone that grew up as an underachiever as well as helping to raise one, my nephew, I find that it can be difficult when trying to guide a child that has low self-esteem. Often, a child that does not believe in themself faces stress in school making the academic process overwhelming to say the least. As Dobson (2014) states in The New Dare to Discipline, children are not only expected to educate themself but they are also expected to meet and overcome obstacles that they deal with on a daily basis. They must complete homework that often has to be turned in the next day which involves ensuring that they understand the lessons of the day and retain the knowledge given to them each day. Children are also compared against their peers during examinations making any child with low self-esteem lose confidence if they do not do well. Dobson (2014) emphasizes that success is more than just intelligence but it is coupled with the response of the child’s support system such as the parents. If parents are having their own issues, this can also become problematic for the child. When a child is faced with struggles in school as well as a lack of support coming from home, a child’s self esteem is affected causing the child to experience depression and hopelessness. Other issues that influence a child to become an underachiever is the parents negative reaction. Dobson (2014) explains that parents tend to react by punishing the child. Examples of punishments are taking away something that the child may cherish or grounding them for long periods of time. This action however can lead the child toward feelings of hopelessness, often causing them to not desire to achieve at all and make the issue worse. One solution is for the parent to take time out of their day and sit with their child, helping them with not only homework but allowing the child to learn skills that they may not know before.
Dobson, J. C. (2014). The New Dare to Discipline. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. https://libertyonline.vitalsource.com/books/9781414341743

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