Which ones apply to your ethical dilemma: duties, rights, obligations, principles, and values?

Personal Ethical Dilemma Analysis
Topic Due: 2/10
Paper Due: Friday, 2/25
In this assignment, you will identify an ethical dilemma that you have experienced. A work-related or organization-related dilemma is best, but any ethical dilemma can work. You will be required to submit your topic to the CANVAS dropbox on 2/10. Once your topic is approved, you will analyze the ethical dilemma according to the guidelines and evaluation criteria provided.
Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria:
Part I: 10 Points Total
In one paragraph, briefly identify and describe an actual ethical dilemma you have faced. Use values language to do so. Identify the values in conflict, explain how they conflict, and how they relate to your personal values.
Part II. 60 Points Total
Apply the prescriptive ethical decision making frameworks to your ethical dilemma:
Identify multiple stakeholders and the harms and benefits for each.
(15 points)
Do the bottom line mental calculation and evaluate the impact on society overall.
(5 points)
Which ones apply to your ethical dilemma: duties, rights, obligations, principles, and values?
(5 points)
Explain what the golden rule would say you should do?
(5 points)
What would Kant’s categorical imperative say?
(5 points)
What would Rawls’ veil of ignorance say?
(5 points)
Virtue Ethics:
What were/should have been your motivations and intentions?
(5 points)
What is the relevant ethical community for helping you to determine what a business person of integrity should do in this situation?
(5 points)
What would the disclosure rule say?
(5 points)
Who is your ethical role model or harshest moral critic and what would s/he say?
(5 points)
Part III. 20 Points Total
Apply the cognitive, psychological, and managerial influences to your ethical decision. Discuss and apply at least four from the following list. Explain the ones that are most applicable to your situation. State why you chose the ones that you did and why the others are less applicable.
Ethical Awareness and its influences
Script Processing
Cognitive Moral Development (yours, others)
Locus of Control
Moral Disengagement
Cognitive Barriers
Part IV. 10 Points Total
What have you learned from this analysis? Did using these frameworks raise new issues or considerations? What do you think now about what you did? Would you do things differently in the future? Why or why not?
Reminders about written assignments:
This assignment will be evaluated for English as well as for content. Be sure to proofread carefully. Your grade on this assignment can drop by a full letter grade if you make multiple composition and grammar mistake
This assignment should be typed, minimum 11 point font, double spaced, and no more than 7 pages in length. Please use page numbers.
Be extremely careful to cite all sources used and to do so accurately. If you use exact words, you must put quotation marks around the cited material to acknowledge that these are not your own words. Do not just copy, cut, and past Remember to include a references page.
Use the Academic Integrity Pledge and insert the pledge on the last page of your assignment:
Academic Integrity Pledge
“I_ [student name]_affirm that I have neither given, received, nor witnessed unauthorized aid on this deliverable and have completed this work honestly and according to the professor’s guidelines.”

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