Which platforms to which specific demographic and targeting customers?

Hello, I will include what the professor wrote and instructions. Also the paper.
The Comments from the Professor.
See below.
You state, “For demographic segmentation, Apple Inc. divides its audience depending on age, gender, income, and occupation. Using the behavioral segmentation, the company segments its audience depending on benefits sought, degree of loyalty, personality, and user status. For psychographic segmentation, the company divides its audience depending on social class, lifestyle, and risk aversion.” For a 400 level course, this is just definitions and no solid specific segmentation directions for your specific company. For example, does your company concentrate more on social class or lifestyle?
Your targeting section needs to be more specific, especially in terms of your reported specific demographic segmentation. For example, you state, “…well-off people ready to pay more…” I have one multi-million dollars net worth friend and he often converses about his billion dollars net worth friends who can “pay more.”
Overall, your demographic and targeting sections needs more details including some relationships to specific social & digital media marketing.
Your paragraph, “The company’s social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, complement the marketing efforts made through the official website by informing existing and potential customers of essential information about iPhones’ descriiption and usability. Lastly, Apple Inc. uses emails to create more targeted and personalized messages, particularly for indirect distributors that comprise third-party cellular carriers, authorized retailers, and resellers (Özbölük & Dursun, 2017). Some of these indirect distributors have high-quality e-commerce platforms like Amazon. The effective incorporation of e-marketing strategies in direct and indirect distribution channels has offered Apple Inc. a unique distribution channel that has improved its market coverage and fostered iPhone availability for revenue maximization (Özbölük & Dursun, 2017).”
Which specific e-marketing strategies are direct and which are indirect distribution channels?
You state, “Social media platforms are used to increase the awareness that iPhone is a premium brand.” Which platforms to which specific demographic and targeting customers?
All written assignments will be combined into an operational type manual that employees at all levels can read and understand what to do and why.

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