Which TWO classmates’ posts stood out to you?

Affirmative Action Forum
You are going to discuss affirmative action in terms of a current event. Your initial post and peer reply should each consist of approximately 150-200 words.
Part I (Original Post)
Find a current event that deals with affirmative action and discuss it here. Be sure to bring one of this week’s readings to bear on the discussion. Part II (Peer Reply)
Be sure to complete your original post by Friday, and your peer reply by Sunday.
Which TWO classmates’ posts stood out to you? Why? Be sure to engage the concept(s) and argument(s) your classmates present, rather than only agreeing or disagreeing with the substance of the post. Describe and explain your thinking!
Affirmative Action Case Analysis
Overview and Instructions
If you have not done so, be sure to read the Case Analysis Structure Overview.
In this essay you have 5 tasks:
Give a clear and concise explanation of the case at hand.
Give a thorough philosophical exegesis of the relevant aspects of Pojman’s and Mosley’s theories.
Present an argument applying the philosophers’ arguments to the case at hand. This should include an argument justifying to whom each philosopher would give the job.
Present an argument explaining why one of the philosophers can be viewed as offering a more successful solution to the case at hand.
In no more than one paragraph explain who you would hire and why.
Consider a new position at the very prestigious Chronus Department of the Federal Government. The Chronus Department examines how issues from the past have an impact on current affairs, and their new position aims at recruiting a new employee to be groomed to eventually because the director of the department. The ideal candidate would be someone who has a degree in some area of the humanities that deals with research, history, and culture, and who has a demonstrated ability to work well with others in a leadership capacity. This position has an incredible benefits package including, healthcare, vacations, and a pension.
The Department has narrowed its selection down to two candidates:
Molly is an African American woman from a very affluent and politically active Texas family. She attended Yale, where she earned an undergraduate degree in Anthropology with a minor in US Civics. After graduating, she volunteered for two years in the Peace Corps, and then took a year off to tour around Europe.
Cameron is a third-generation Irish American from a working-class family in Pennsylvania. After high school, he spent a year working with his father in a steel mill, but then decided he wanted to go to university. He received a scholarship to Princeton, where he graduated with a degree in US History. In his final year of school, Cameron was elected Student Body President and implemented a union for the teaching assistants.
Upload your Affirmative Action Case Analysis here.
Case Analysis Structure Overview
Explain the case at hand back in your own words.
This should be no more than one paragraph. It’s just a quick summary so I know how you’re understanding the case.
Explain the theories of the two philosophers that are assigned in that particular week.
This should be where you show that you understand the arguments of the philosophers that are covered in a particular topic. So if you’re writing on the Welfare Case Analysis, you’d explain the arguments of Walzer and Murray.
This should be completely neutral — just a succinct presentation of the arguments that isn’t influenced by or that mentions the case.
This should be at least two paragraphs, and probably more like four.
Present an argument applying the philosophers’s arguments to the case at hand.
Here you should take the work you did in task two and apply that to the story. So if you were writing on Welfare, you might say that Walzer’s theory would give the aide to person X because of reason Y and then justify that. You’d then do the same with Murray.
This should be at least two paragraphs, and could easily be four.
Present an argument explaining why one philosopher has a better solution to the case at hand.
Do to this you need to explain what you think a successful solution to the case would demonstrate and then show hoe one of the philosophers does this better than the other.
This should be two paragraphs.
Explain what you would do and why.
This should be exactly one paragraph.

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