Who are Harriet Jacobs intended readers and how does she try to influence them?

The book is: Incidents in the life of a slave girl and try to stay in the first 10 chapters.
Who are Harriet Jacobs intended readers and how does she try to influence them? Reread and pull out 3-4 strategies she uses to accomplish her objective in writing this account. Describe the strategies, and use strong examples & quotes to support your analysis. Research women of the North/abolitionists during this time period to help provide context, and use 1 credible source to develop the paper, in addition to the Jacobs reading. Strategies include patterns in style and voice. Strategies can also be topical. What types of topics does she write about and why? NOTE: Avoid discussing more generally obvious points such as her use of emotionally-moving stories (pathos).
Follow MLA guidelines: Develop a focused thesis and support it with strong evidence and reasoning. See Rules for Writers for citations & page formatting. Length: 2-3 pages. ALL SOURCES CONSULTED/USED MUST BE CITED.

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