Why does the lack of a brown color in feces indicate hepatitis?

The following questions will allow you to apply your ability to think critically to your new understanding of infections of the gastrointestinal, circulatory, and lymphatic systems in the context of both clinical and public health. Keep an open mind and answer the following questions substantively. These are the following questions that need to be answered;
1. Why does the lack of a brown color in feces indicate hepatitis?
2. Mutant strains of Helicobacter pylori that lack the ability to produce urease fail to cause infection when they are swallowed. Infection occurs, however, if a tube is used to introduce them directly into the layer of mucus that overlies the stomach epithe­lium. What does this imply about the role of urease in the bacte­rium’s pathogenicity?
3.At least four emerging mosquito-borne diseases have recently spread to the Western Hemisphere and now have global distribution. If you were assigned to control the spread of these diseases, would you focus on the mosquito population or on the causative agent that the mosquitoes carry? Explain your rationale and how you would implement your plan.
4. Even though genetically engineered mosquitoes might be devel­oped that do not allow the reproduction of malaria protozoa, these mosquitoes would have little, if any, immediate effect on the spread of the disease. Why should this be so? What would have to happen for these mosquitoes to significantly affect the spread of malaria?

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