Why is it important to use ML ?

I will upload the instructions.
And the example paper about neutral networks mine will be general about machine learning.
Also I will send some paper that’s similar to my work.
The figure of approach will be in approach section.
I also will send pictures of previous work.
Comments from Customer
Here’s the main paper we using QM9 data set the difference the have only 2ocsilator strength and we will recalculate to have 10 oscillator.
The objectives are to 1) build a database for UV-VIS for QM9/QM8 molecules.2) predict ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy using machine learning.
3 ) will create a database for this work to store all of the important data that is needed to accurately predict the response properties.
—————————— for sure you need to rewrite them in a flow good way.
Why is it important to use ML ? Because computional is costing.
Also , in the approach section,
The program will be used were created using the
Amsterdam Modeling Suite (AMS) graphical user interface the functions B3lyp and CAM-B3LYP. Add add the reason why the are best .
In the last file I uploaded, we need to change some of it like task 1 instead of using high throughput I will use program AMS to calculate DFT .
I preferred to write in electronic structure of molecules and how Machine learning will help and the writing about which ML will be good ( neural networks, kernel ridge)

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