Why is this topic important to individuals and to society?

this research has 3 parts:
1) Historical Precedent
Explore multiple ideas and resources relative to your topic Do not be limited to only design related resources.
Provide a hierarchical list of aligned issues and ideas with APA citations with notes on importance to the argument
Start a file for the articles and websites you gather (minimum of 10)
Why are each of the precedents you selected important to the purpose of the project?
2) Argument
Prepare a statement to position your subject
What do you want to solve? Is there an issue that you feel responsible to consider? What areas in the built environment require attention?
Frame your argument as a statement of fact.
3) Purpose
Why is this topic important to individuals and to society?
Who are those individuals? Be specific. Narrow it down as close to the benefactors as possible
( The topic I chose is about housing single student parents. I found 5 websites related to this for number (1)so, I need 5 more.)
I think this is important because many students are single parents, like single moms or single dads. they must also take care of one or more children. I think it is very good that the university or college has a plan to accommodate them on campus. so, they can continue their education with their children.
Also, due to their proximity to the university, they can attend classes more easily and on time, and have easy access to the university library to study.
especially this is about housing single student parents in the city of Los Angeles.
I found these 5 websites and I need 5 more:

Government Housing Grants for Women

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