Why should anyone care about the outcome of this project?

The project plan should contain at least Five components:
Introduction: It should include background, importance, relevance and stakeholders of the topic. You cover these points to answer the questions: Why should the project be done? Why should anyone care about the outcome of this project? Who would use the results of this project? and for what? (5 points)
Literature review: It should in the form of brief discussion about the previous work that has been done on the topic. It could also include description and comparisons of the most common methodological approaches that were used to handle your topic. You should answer: What did similar previous studies do? What are their conclusions? (3 points)
Objectives: These are statements of what is expected as the output of the research. There is usually a single general objective which is not operational, which is then broken down into a list of specific objectives which can be addressed by operational research methods. You should answer: What are the expected outputs/outcomes of the project? (4 points)
Methodology or plan of work: Here, you should describe he steps that you will follow to achieve your objectives. It should include how each specific objective is going to be achieved. You don’t have to refer to specific steps to specific objectives. However, this part of your proposal should contain outputs that indicate the fulfillment of each objective. You should answer: What should be done to achieve the objectives? (5 points)
Citation and reference. You should use only high-quality scholarly references that are correctly and fully cited and add to a list of references at the end of the document. (3 points)
You can also include appendices if required.
. 12-point Times New Roman, 1.5 line spacing, 2.5 cm margins, justified text
. Use headings to separate each section. You must use the headings in the assessment guideline to structure the document.
Word length: 1500 without list of references
– lecture ppt has been uploaded please check and follow everything
– also literature review that has been done by you is attached here
– Please this is my capstone project, means lot, please follow all instructions and do your best
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