Why was youth culture important to rock n’ roll?

1) Initial post (8/10 points): Read the prompt listed below and formulate your answers by composing a well written response to the questions. Make sure to support your arguments by providing examples from the lectures, textbook, or any other sources. Cite your sources when applicable. Follow the grading rubric guidelines listed below. Reply to the prompt to complete your initial post.
2) Peer reviews (2/10 points): Canvas will randomly assign everyone two posts to review, respond, and grade after the initial post deadline. If you are not automatically assigned two peers to evaluate, you may choose two respond to within the discussion board forum. Provide constructive criticism and feedback as well as any other observations you deem pertinent. Be thoughtful and thorough with your responses. Each of the two peer reviews counts as 1/10 points for the assignment.
3) Grading: grades will be based on on the peer reviewer and grader’s assessment of your work using a scale of 0-10 with the following grading rubric:
9-10: thoughtful, well supported/cited writing of at least two paragraphs that shows mastery of course material and elaborates on it using critical thinking with no spelling or grammar mistakes.
7-8: thoughtful writing with cited sources from class material with very few writing errors
5-6: fulfills basic requirements with some elaboration
3-4: fulfills basic requirements of assignment without elaboration
1-2: incomplete entry
0: no entry or inappropriate content
Answer Question 1, and then choose one more question to answer from the list below.
Question 1: Elvis Presley was the most popular rock n’ roll artist of the 1950’s even though he did not write any of his own songs. Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and Buddy Holly all wrote rock n’ roll classics that defined the genre. In your opinion, which of these artists is most significant in the development of rock n’ roll? Why?
Choose one additional question from below:
Question 2: Why was youth culture important to rock n’ roll? What were some of the elements of youth culture in the 1950’s?
Question 3: What role did radio and record labels play in the development of rock n’ roll? What was the payola scandal and why was it important?
Question 4: What is the difference between a cover and crossover? What roles did they play in early rock n’ roll? What debates surround this?
Question 5: Why are Pat Boone and Bill Haley representative of the “whitening” of rhythm & blues? How was this significant to the development of rock n’ roll?

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