Would this medication be perceived as acceptable using Utilitarianism?

1. This paper will focus on Utilitarianism. By researching this decision-making process, you will better understand the pros and cons to this way of thinking. There is much utility with this process, but many setbacks as well.
2. Write a short paper discussing when or if a medicine would be acceptable in the following scenario:
A new disease has a 100% fatality rate after 20 years. This disease is spread by close contact with infected people and it is expected that nearly 80% of the population will get the disease. But your organization has just developed a new vaccine that prevents this disease from being contracted. The downside is that 28% of users develop life-long paralysis. Would this medication be perceived as acceptable using Utilitarianism? Probably so, but other ways of thinking would disagree.
What should your organization do with this new medication? It is a vaccine (that prevents), but does not cure. Keep in mind that there is a chance this medication will paralyze people who may never contract the disease. Justify your response with an appropriate decision-making process.

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