Would you include medication as part of the treatment plan for Demica?

Medicating Children
Consider the following scenario:
Olivia is worried that her 8-year-old daughter, Demica, has been recommended by her teacher for medication for ADHD. Olivia reports that Demica was diagnosed with ADHD in kindergarten and her teachers have always worked with her on behavior plans within the classroom and that Demica struggles, but has maintained her grades. Since she started second grade, however, Demica has been struggling more recently than before. Her teacher reports that the other children do not want to play with her, that she consistently interrupts the class, and is easily distracted. Last week was a particularly bad week and she was sent to the office twice for interrupting her teacher and being “rude and disruptive.” Olivia is seeking guidance and recommendations on how to help her daughter.
For this discussion, consider medicating children with psychiatric prescriptions. For your post, address the following:
• Would you include medication as part of the treatment plan for Demica?
• Discuss why you would or would not recommend medication. Include at least one reference defending your decision.
• Apply at least one ethical consideration while considering recommending psychiatric medication for children and adolescents. Include at least one reference that supports your application.
• Discuss how you would address this ethical dilemma.

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