Write a short introduction and briefly explain why you chose the topic.

Create and present a persuasive speech. This is an oral activity. The topic of your speech
should be the content of your argumentative research paper from Unit 7. Using this
finished paper will save you a lot of time. The speech should be at least three minutes but
less than five minutes. You will need to ask your teacher about any other requirements
such as use of media and how to submit the assignment. A Persuasive Speech Rubric is
also provided to see how you will be scored.
Speech Requirements
1 – Determine the purpose and audience to use the best appeals.
2 – Add the art of persuasion: the appeals of logos, pathos, and ethos, as well as other
rhetorical devices that emphasize the meanings.
3 – Write a short introduction and briefly explain why you chose the topic.
4 – Organize the elements of your content and use either notecards or media to assist as
prompts to remember your speech.
5 – Have a clear introduction of the topic, supporting evidence, and a conclusion.
6 – Have a minimum of three points of argument, one or two opposing views, and
counterarguments. (Briefly cite sources as appropriate.)
7 – Practice several times so that you can speak smoothly and use eye contact as well as
use other verbal and nonverbal skills.
8 – Use correct English with a formal tone.
9 – Have your audience ask two pertinent questions and answer them fully and clearly.

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